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Bringing stronger buying power to our customers

Using our UK branding facility and well-established supply chain, our clients can join together and take advantage of price breaks. Get the best prices on the promotional merchandise you want and still have it branded the way you want it! The more clients opt-in to the campaign, the cheaper the unit price becomes for everyone!


Bespoke bucket hats

We're kick starting our 2024 promotions with savings on bespoke bucket hats. Designed in-house we can create a variety of styles to fit your brand.

  • Minimum order: 250 units
  • Lead time: 8 weeks
  • Reversible design - fully bespoke design to both sides
  • Full retail ready finish with swing tag, barcode & bagging
  • Starting price per unit: £6.10
  • RRP: £15 - £20 with 60%+ margin

Don't miss out, this campaign ends Friday 23rd February.

Take a look at our previous campaigns...

Hawaiian Shirts 2023-1

Hawaiian Shirts 2023

Original unit cost                             £16.69

Consolidated buying cost              £14.93

Savings per unit                             £1.76

Final RRP (w/ 55% margin)            £40.00


Bucket Hats Benefit 2023

Bucket Hats 2023

Original unit cost                              £6.58

Consolidated buying cost              £4.25

Savings per unit                             £2.33

Final RRP (w/ 50% margin)            £15.00


Advent Calendar Aldi 2022

Advent Calendars 2022

Original unit cost                             £5.20

Consolidated buying cost             £3.90

Savings per unit                            £1.30

Final RRP (w/ 50% margin)           £6.00



Frequently Asked Questions

Our consolidated buying system is a unique process we've developed in-house, so we know that our clients may have questions about how it works. 

Can't find the answer you are looking for?

Yes, remember, the more people that join the campaign, the cheaper the unit cost becomes for everyone, so if you know a contact who might be interested in joining, we encourage you to invite them by sharing this page. 

However, this is a unique process currently not offered by our competitors so we ask that you retain it to a small circle of contacts.

Our consolidated buying system can be enjoyed by anyone but once you join your first campaign you'll become part of our CBS mailing list to get exclusive first access and other benefits.

Our consolidated buying campaigns are built on trust, so we ask that you are 100% committed when you join the campaign. This is to ensure that once our unit price has dropped, it cannot increase again. Remember, the unit price will never be higher than the starting unit price.

Our consolidated buying system has been developed so that as an industry we can help each other benefit from cost savings. Whether you want to keep these savings for yourself or pass them on to your customers, is entirely up to you.

With our clients often buying products at similar times, it makes sense that we bulk our production and produce the orders together allowing you to benefit from our cost breaks. 

The way we see it, there are no disadvantages, only savings!

We ask that everyone is 100% committed before they join so that the price can only decrease. It will never be higher than the price stated at the start of the campaign.

Once you've joined the campaign, one of our dedicated Account Managers will be in touch to discuss your requirements. They will then pass these details over to our in-house designers who will create you some options to choose from. We aim to have these sent over within a week of joining the campaign.

We will send out regular updates throughout the  buying window to inform you when the unit price has dropped. We will also send a full report at the end of the campaign so you can see the final price and the savings made.

All of our campaigns have a buying window during which you can join at any time. We encourage everyone to register their interest at the start so we can forecast savings.